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Take an early look at intense moments from the new season of Bates Motel.

Episode 2.06 of Bates Motel will be called “Plunge”

Dylan is asked to manage an explosive situation; Norma and Norman’s relationship is threatened by a growing secret; Emma lands in a dangerous situation.

Bates Motel 2×02 Sneak Peek “Shadow of a Doubt” Norma tries to distract Norman from his obsession with Miss Watson by joining a play. Bradley turns to Norman for help when she has to escape a dire situation. Romero is pressured to make an arrest for the murder. A new player at work has Dylan and Remo on edge.

Bates Motel 2×02 Shadow of a Doubt airs on March 10th, 2014 on A&E.


“Bates Motel” viewers will be introduced to many new faces when Season 2 premieres on Monday, March 3. As an early tease, here’s a look at the new characters, both White Pine Bay residents and out-of-towners, coming to the forefront in the new episodes.

These new characters range from the new love interests for Norma and Norman to the upper echelon of the drug families running the town. The descriptions, courtesy of A&E, correspond with the above picture in order from left to right, top and then bottom.

George Heldens (Michael Vartan): George is a sensitive, kind and handsome divorcee and Norma’s new love interest.

Christine Heldens (Rebecca Creskoff): Christine is a member of the upper-crust of White Pine Bay who takes the single-mother with the bad reputation under her wing.

Cody Brennan (Paloma Kwiatkowski): Cody is a tough, teenage party girl who gets to know Norman and bonds with him over dysfunctional family issues.

Caleb Calhoun (Kenny Johnson): Norma’s estranged brother whom she hasn’t seen since her youth. At once menacing and heartbreaking, Caleb is looking for something he doesn’t even understand.

Jodi Wilson (Kathleen Robertson): The beautiful and mysterious head of the drug family. Jodi is a woman trapped in denial and in a family business for which she is not emotionally built.

Nick Ford (Michael O’Neill): The soft spoken but terrifying head of the rival drug family in White Pine Bay and also Miss Watson’s estranged father.

Zane Carpenter (Michael Eklund): An ex-con who coms to take over the drug family. Zane is an emotional land-mine with an all-or-nothing sensibility when it comes to control.

“Bates Motel” Season 2 premieres March 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on A&E. Are you looking forward to the new season? – Zap2It

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